Lessons & Values

These are just some of the important lessons we as Rainbow Girls learn and strive to teach throughout our organization; in both our ceremonies and various activities. The brilliant colors of the rainbow reflect what members learn. Exemplifying their virtues to each other and everyone we meet.

Love-The International Order of the Rainbow for girls is an organization that is built on Love. It teaches us that we should love those around us - our father, mother, siblings, and friends. Love is the link that binds all of us together, no matter how far apart we may be.

Religion-Though we teach the lesson of religion, we do not require that members of our order believe in any one Religion over another. We ask that they believe in a higher power. Our members have found that a belief in a Higher Power enhances the lessons that they are taught in Rainbow and service to others helps them to feel closer to their creator and grow in their faith.

Nature-We can often miss out on the beauty of nature in a world that moves so fast. This lesson is about taking the time to experience the beauty and joy that comes from being in the out of doors. It gives us time to clear our heads and reconnect to the people and activities that matter most.

Immortality-Immortality is not about death, it is about the afterlife and the footprints left behind. The impression you make and the lives you change will live on after you pass. Death is a part of life but it is not the end, it is merely the end of one journey and the beginning of another. The people we love continue to live on in the memories of those that remain behind.

Fidelity-Loyalty to your family, friends, school and the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is one of the most important characteristics that a young woman can possess. To have truth, honor and honesty in your life and to make it important will make you a valuable part of this organization.

Patriotism-Love of country and flag is taught at this station. Today, both Men and Women serve this country and protect our flag; we owe them more than we can ever give for protecting our country and our way of life.

Service-Though all the lessons of Rainbow are important, Service is the cornerstone of our order. Service to family, school, community and each other is the most important act we can ever do in this life. The opportunity to better our community and world is a chance to make our own life better.

Faith-What we believe can define our life, whether it is a belief in a higher power or in our family and friends. Our faith is what pushes forward, it gives our life direction and helps us to strive and fulfill our dreams.

Hope-Hope is an invisible feature in all of our lives, no matter where we travel, hope is never far behind. It helps us believe in the kindness and virtue of others and it gives us the strength to get through the day. It is a combination of faith and love. It asks us to trust in ourselves and in others and to believe in the goodness of the world.

Charity-Charity and service go hand in hand in this organization. Charity is doing a kind act for someone else, never asking for recognition for the deed. In our ceremonies it says, “Charity is the embodiment of everything good, it includes not only alms for the poor and kindness for the distress.” It is through loving service, kindness and charity that we discover the real secrets to life.

The foundation behind every lesson supports 3 basic teachings:

1.    Faith in a supreme being and in others.

2.    Having hope in all that you do.

3.    Charity toward others.